Garage Door Service of Dayton is a company that has years of experience and a team that can help you with all of your repairs. No matter what you have need of, we have an expert that can help you. All of our technicians are certified and highly qualified to handle your repairwork.

Common Garage Door Repairs

Many different things can go wrong with your garage door. However, we find that a number of our customers experience these types of repairs every day. Here’s a few you might deal with:

Broken Springs

Springs is one of the first things to break on your assembly. Unfortunately, this part is very important to the function of your door. It is also important to note that changing your own spring is very dangerous.

The torsion springs are designed to wind up and create tension in the system. This allows your door to be more lightweight and keep the heaviness off of the tracks. When the tension is broken, it will cause all of that weight to bear on the assembly. The weight can be too much for it and cause it to fall on you.

Damaged Panels

There are any number of reasons that your panels can become damaged. Someone may back into the door or something heavy may hit against it. It could be that the safety sensors go out and door closes on your car or trash can. Whatever causes the damage, the panels might be able to be replaced.

Our technicians will determine if a full replacement of the door is necessary. If the damage is small enough that replacing one or two panels is sufficient, then they can do that. If there is damage to the actual door frame, then that will be a problem.

Opener Stops Working

The garage door opener is the mechanical part that is usually installed above the door. Sometimes, it can be installed on the side of the door jam, depending on the type of opener you have. It is the part that allows the door to open or close.

If the opener stops working, your equipment will not move. In this case, you’ll need to pull the emergency cord so that you can manually use the door.

Remote Will Not Sync To Opener

If you get a new remote, it will need to be synced to your opener. Also, there are times when the remote gets out of sync for some reason or another.

You can try and troubleshoot this problem by taking the batteries out and putting them back in. Check the dip switches to make sure they line up with the opener. If it still doesn’t work, our technicians are able to make it work.

Other Repairs We Make

Aside from the common things that break on your assembly, there are other types of repairs that need to be made. Here’s a few other parts we can replace:

  • Hardware
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Windows
  • Rollers
  • Cables
  • Chains
  • And more…

Regardless of the part that is not working, our team can make the replacement. We will do everything necessary to get your door back in working order.

Top Quality Parts

All of the parts we use are high quality. We believe that when you combine parts that are well made with workmanship that is outstanding, you get top quality work. Our company can get parts from any manufacturer necessary to handle your repair.

Here’s a list of some of the manufacturers that we use:

  • Genie
  • Linear
  • Sears Craftsman
  • DeWalt
  • And more….

No matter what your make and model, we have the ability to get in the right part. We bring the necessary pieces to do your repairs on our truck. However, if we need to special order a part for some reason, our techs will handle that for you.

Broken Gates

If you have an automatic gate that opens for your driveway, we can take care of the repairs on it. Our technicians can install new gates as well. For both commercial and residential properties, we can take care of the work.

When your gate stops opening and closing, you need someone that knows what they are doing to take care of the repair. We will test the gate and remote to figure out what’s going on.

Commercial Repairs

We take care of the business owners in our neighborhood. Our team understands that your company is an investment. That is why we make sure to handle all of your work with the utmost care.

You can expect our technicians to come in and be professional from start to finish. They come fully uniformed and bring their own equipment. They use industry standard tools on all of the work they do.

Best Prices in Garage Door Repair

Getting your garage door repaired or even buying a new one and having it installed can become very costly. If prices don’t bother you, maybe you’re the type that wants high quality parts and repairs. That being said, our company can provide you with both amazing service and parts with some of the lowest prices you have ever seen.

Once you have chosen us as your go to garage door company. A customer service representative will then guide you through the steps on getting your garage door taken care of. They will set up an appointment to have a certified technician come to your property and evaluate the problem or installation of your garage door. Then have it fixed.


Having your old garage door replaced can be a daunting task, this is exactly why we recommend you to hire a certified and professional garage door technician to perform this job. When installing, you have to take a few things into consideration about how dangerous it can be.

The doors are extremely heavy and so are the parts. Putting together the wrong parts can also cause the garage door  to malfunction and fall. All this being said, when you are ready to replace your old door, contact us.  

We’ll send a professional out to your home as soon as the overhead door arrives. Once complete, you’ll understand exactly why you chose us for the replacement and will be very pleased with the outcome.

Our Garage Door Technicians

From repairs to installations, our technicians can work with any make or model garage door. The training that they receive is top of the line and very rigorous, making sure that when on the job they are fully capable of handling the job under any circumstances.

All of our technicians are highly skilled and trained. They are certified to handle any type of repair or installation. You can expect them to come in and take care of your work quickly.


We have been in business for more than a decade and know exactly what it takes to make sure our customers are pleased with the garage door service they have chosen. Here at Garage Door Service of Dayton, our company is here to stay for many years to come with the best garage door service at the best prices around. So call us today and let’s get those deals for you!

Call us right now so we can get someone out to you. We can’t wait to take care of your repairs and get your door back in working condition.