Garage Door Service of Dayton offers all of the services you need for a high functioning garage door. Our company loves to take care of the residents and business owners in Dayton. We are committed to the community and seeing it grow.


With our company being in business for more than 20 years, we have the track record of proving to be one of the best garage door companies in this industry. Providing you with the most exceptional overhead door services out there.

Garage Door Service of Dayton hires only the best technicians that are more than qualified to handle any type of repairs and installations. We are certified to work with every manufacturer out there. No matter what year your home, we can take care of your repairs.

Types of Services We Offer

There’s no reason to call several different companies to get your repairs made. We put together a comprehensive service so that all of your garage door needs are met.

Here’s a look at the services we offer:

Replacement of Broken Springs

Springs is one of the top things to break on your assembly. Due to the nature of this repair, we do not recommend that you do this on your own. Rather, you should hire a professional company that has experience in such repairs.

If you do not know how to make this repair, your door could fall on your head. Parts like the springs and cables are designed to hold tension. This makes your door lighter so that it can be suspended from the ceiling. If the tension breaks, it will cause the full weight of the door to bear down on the tracks, and could cause it to fall.


If you are uncertain as to when the last time you replaced your torsion springs was, then maybe you should schedule an appointment with us to have a technician determine if they’re going bad. Torsion springs should be replaced around every 20,000 to 40,000 cycles, depending on the quality of the spring. A cycle is the opening and closing of the garage door. So when you are ready, give us a call so we can come take a look at your torsion springs.


We have made a list of things to look for when trying to determine if you torsion springs are going bad or are broken:

  • Door not opening or closing
  • An extreme amount of rust on your springs will keep your garage door from functioning
  • If you heard a loud banging noise coming from the garage, that could be the sign of a torsion spring breaking

Feel free to call us anytime if you have any concerns about your torsion springs. We can have a technician sent to your property to inspect the springs and will notify you on what needs to be done. Just for reassurance, our company only uses rust resistant torsion springs to help your garage door last longer.


An overhead door has many mechanical and electrical parts moving constantly on a day to day basis. This in turn can wear down the parts and also cause them to break over time. This is when you give us a call and have one of our professional technician come out to your property to assess the damage and repair the problem.


If you’re ready for a new garage door, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a vast selection of makes and models to choose from. Also many features and add ons that will help the appearance and the insulation to your home. If ready, you can check out our online catalog that will show you the options you can select and if you want to, you can also call us and a sales member will help you to choose the right overhead door that best fits your home.


No one can be prepared for a non functioning overhead door. Just the thought about the dangers of break ins and harsh weather conditions that could cause more damage to your home is scary. The good thing is our company provides our customers with emergency repairs at anytime of the day or night. We want to have your overhead door working again ASAP. So don’t worry and leave the stressful part to us.


Like most electrical and mechanical machines, performing routine maintenance on them is very critical to the longevity of your overhead door. We can have a technician sent out to you yearly to provide a routine maintenance checkup to make sure all parts are functioning to their full potential.

With years of experience, our company can handle all of your commercial repairs. Our technicians are more than capable to take on any problems your garage door is having. That being said, give us a call and we can send out a technician to your property about an hour after the call was placed.


Over the years or company has partnered with the top manufacturers that produce quality parts and tools. This will help your overhead door last for years and we also use rust resistance parts. Below is a list of a few parts that we can work on:

  • Cables
  • Rollers
  • torsion springs
  • Drums
  • Nuts and bolts
  • And more…

Whatever the part is that needs to be repaired or replaced, our team of professional are more than capable of accomplishing the job. No technician will leave your property until the job is complete and done he right way.


It’s never an easy job to replace torsion springs, that’s when you want to give us a call and let one of our professionals handle it for you. Trying to replace a spring yourself without having the proper training can be very dangerous and cause harm to yourself and others.

All of our technicians go through a rigorous training and certification program to make sure that they can handle all types of repairs and installations in any kind of condition. When you hire us, we want you to have the greatest experience you’ve ever had.

What to Expect When Choosing Us

When you bring us out to your home or business, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Repairs done in a timely manner
  • Same day service
  • Longevity of your overhead door
  • Friendly staff members
  • Uniformed technicians

If there is anything else you can think of when it comes to garage doors servicing, please feel free to call us my time and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through any process that you choose.


We want nothing more than to give our customers with the best overhead door service ever. Whether it’s installations, repairs or even general maintenance, call and let Garage Door Service of Dayton to handle it for you. Our staff members are standing by waiting to hear from you.

Our team is happy to serve you any time of the night or day. Do not let your repairs go undone. We are always on call to assist you.