New Doors

Garage Door Service of Dayton can work on your garage door no matter what year it is. If you have need of a new door, we can also handle the installation. Our team is highly skilled and qualified to take care of your project.

Residential Garage Doors

We deal in hundreds of different residential garage doors. Our customers trust us to help them choose the right thing and install it correctly. Here are some of the different basic kinds of residential doors you can choose from:

  • Carriage style
  • Roll-up
  • General lifting doors

Each one of these comes in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. You have custom options you can make on each and every one of these types of doors. The manufacturer will hand craft your selections after you make them.

What is a Carriage Style Door?

The carriage style doors look like barn doors and function the same way. There are two doors that open and close together. You will need to make sure you have the space for the equipment to open up into your yard without hitting things.

What if I Like The Look of Carriage Style But Not the Function?

If you don’t want to have a carriage style door, but like the look, you can get a lifting door that is designed to look like it. Many manufacturers understand their customers are not able to have a door that opens into their yard. This is why they have designed lifting equipment to look the same.

When to Use a Roll-Up Door

Generally speaking, roll-ups are used on commercial properties or unattached garages. These are industrial in nature and designed to keep out intruders. If you have storage units that are not near your home or own a business, a roll-up door may be the best idea for you.

Another reason that our customers use this type is when they have a tall garage. If you have a two story building, then you will want a door that doesn’t hang in the middle of the ceiling. The roll-up is hung right above the doorway. When the equipment is pushed open, it rolls into a casing that holds it.

What is a Lifting Door?

Many of our customers have the standard lifting door. This is the type that hangs on a track in the center of their garage. The tracks hold the door while it is opened, and then when it closes, it touches the floor.

Most homes have this type of equipment. It comes in many different styles and made from a variety of materials. You can customize this type of door any way you need it to be for your liking.

Upgrade Your Home

Installing a new set of doors is a simple upgrade you can make to your home. If you are trying to increase property value, this is a good way to go. You will get a high return on your investment. It doesn’t cost that much to install a new door, but the property value can go up by thousands of dollars.

Any time you can make the outside of your house look better, it will increase your value. This is one of the first things that is seen by potential buyers and inspectors. Spending money on this upgrade can be highly beneficial to you in the long run.

We Take Care of Businesses

In addition to our residential customers, we take care of the business in our area as well. We are certified to handle all repairs and installations for your warehouse or commercial property. Our company knows how to be professional from start to finish.

You need to bring out a team that knows exactly what they are doing. Your business is important and you want to make sure that the company you use can handle the work. Our technicians are certified and experienced.

Types of Commercial Equipment

We are able to take care of the business owners here in Dayton. Our technicians are certified to work on any type of door that you have. Here’s a look at the different types of commercial equipment we can work on:

  • Rolling Steel- this is a typical roll-up door. It covers the entire entryway and can be bolted in place for security.
  • Folding Security Gates- similar to that of a baby gate, the triangular bars will spread and contract when you open or close the gate.
  • Commercial Gates- we work on any type of commercial gate that you find at airports, plants, or government buildings.
  • Parking Garage Gates- in order to keep your parking garage safe, you will want automatic gates that open and close when residents come in and out.
  • Strip Curtain- this is installed on industrial buildings to keep out the elements during business hours.
  • Speed Doors- for the fastest operation, a speed door can be installed. If you need your equipment to go quickly, then this is the right thing for you.

No matter what type of equipment you have, we are capable of handling it. Our technicians will make the repairs and installations up to building code. The installation will meet any requirements you have for safety.


When it’s time to have your door repaired, that means a certain part has broke which in turn causes your overhead door from working. Over the course of time, parts will start to wear down and break, this is normal.

Not all problems will mean that you need a new door. Our technicians will look at your current situation and give you an honest evaluation on what needs to be done. They will make sure that you have a functioning piece of equipment at the end.


Upgrading your old overhead door can be a wonderful project. Adding a fresh new appearance to your home or maybe you just want to cut back on the energy bill. Either way, our technicians will be able to have your new overhead door installed once the door arrives to us. Feel free to contact one of our sale members to help choose the best overhead door that will fit your home.

Safety Inspections

We can perform a safety inspection on your new equipment. Also, we can do the same thing on old equipment as well. If you have need of this service, please let us know. Our technicians will provide you with the paperwork you need to give to authorities.

For our commercial companies, we will make sure that new installations meet all safety requirements. That way, if building inspectors come out, you will be able to pass inspection. If you have a scheduled inspection, be sure to contact us ahead of time so we can come out and make sure it will pass.

Contact Us Today

If you have need of a new installation, call Garage Door Service of Dayton today. We will bring our team out to you as soon as possible. Our phone representatives are always on call and able to answer you.

Let us come and help you with your new equipment. Call now so we can get started on your job. Our team is always happy to assist you.